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Nail Art #2: Pink chitaah print

Hi World!,
          This time I have done a real nail art thing not any hack like my Nail Art #1. I started with something I found most easy, beautiful and elegant all at the same time. I used Pink, White and Black nail paints to create a Chitaah print nail art.

Note : Before you apply any nail polish or glitter polish on your nails, don’t forget to apply transparent nail paint base coat. It will protect your nails from the chemicals of nail polish and also makes it easier to remove it later. Happy Nail Art, Girls ! : )

          First, I covered all my nails with transparent nail paint base coat, then let it dry for 10 minutes. Base coats are quick in drying process, so it may take lesser than 10 minutes also. 

          Then decide on which nail you want to do which design. Some people repeat same pattern on every nails, some do different and some do on one or two nails and keep left out nails plain with no design on it.

          Here I have worked according the third method. I chose my thumb and ring finger to paint chitaah print on it by using white, black and pink. To make a chitaah print, first I applied two coats of white nail paint, then rest it to let dry. once its dry, I made pink dots very randomly with the help of bobby pin; as I don’t have any nail art tools. Then I took black nail paint and started making brackets () and C’s around the pink dots I had made earlier with the help of same bobby pin. Then rest it to dry. 

          I had thought to keep my other nails with plain polish, but as it was me doing nail art first time and I was curious about my creativity. So I ended up doing dots in “C” shape on my index finger and “I” shape on my middle finger. And at last apply base coat again on all nails to protect your efforts.

          If you want to know what I did in my Nail Art #1, which was a nail art hack, then click on this link :          

          I find doing nail art is very time consuming, and especially when you don’t have those branded products on your desk. So I did this nail art in brakes as I didn’t have time to wait till it gets dry. That’s my unique personal hack, but you can follow how you like. Don’t forget to recreate it.

– Sing & Smile : )