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Ode to ‘My FRIEND’

Ode to ‘My FRIEND’

O my dear friend,
Don’t ask who are you to me,
You are not the trouble maker
but trouble it self in a human form.
You are the one,
who bring troubles to me,
And then smash them like it is a fly,
O devil in a human form
Stop showing your non existing greatness to me.

O my buddy the dearest,
Stop pretending being cool,
You are just like me,
No more than a person of old-school.
You are the one who talks nineteen to the dozen,
And I am the one who voiced only words chosen.
Don’t you ever take pride on being angel in my life?
There were times you made devil feel ashamed with your vice.

However I am irritated with you
I can not omit our friendship is true.

O my dear friend,
Don’t ask that who are you to me,
You are not my everything,
but without you I enjoy nothing.
Never ever you dare to feel lonely,
As I am there to share your every agony and ecstasy
If you’ll go away for some time
I might not follow you or even ring a call,
But if you will tell me you’re dying.
I swear I’ll follow you even till the Hell.

Review :

Hi World!,

This is my first time ever I penned an English poem, as I have never imagined to write a one. In my office we had a competition of writing a blog on friendship as ‘Friendship Day’ was around. I wanted to take a part in it so tried to write something in my leisure time. This poem is written in so less time and in so hazard, I didn’t even thought it would turned out so nicely. To have an inspiration for this poem I just remembered few one of my ‘BFFs’ and started writing on until I was not came back from a memory lane. I guess that’s how I was able to do what I had never believed to do and that is to write a poem in English. Later I showed this to my friend who is an editor of the magazine published by office. She liked it and promised me to make it published in the coming edition. Which made me overwhelmed and crazily happy. I hope you all will like it…

– Sing & Smile : )

Full_of_Emotions A/K/A “EMO”