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“क़िताब-ए-ज़ख्म”/”Book of Wounds”


मेरी जिंदगी, मेरी कहानी,
कहानी जो आप सुनना चाहते हैं,
आपके लिए शायद ये चंद लफ़्ज हो सकते हैं,
मगर मेरे लिए नहीं।

मेरे लिए तो ये ज़ख्मों की वो किताब है
जिसे मैं हर रोज लिखती हूँ,
हर रोज पढ़ती हूँ।

जिसका हर पन्ना
और हर पन्ने पे लिखा ज़ख्म
मैंने लफ़्ज-ब-लफ़्ज जिया है।
रोना चाहा फिर भी मुस्कुराया है।

जब भी पलटती हूँ मैं
उन बिखरी यादों के पन्नो  को,
नज़र आती है सिर्फ फैली हुई सियाही।

नज़र आती है रोती हुई जिंदगी,
खुरदुरे पन्नो के कोनो में
जो छुपके दुबकके सिर झुकाये बैठी है
आँख में मोती पिरोये बैठी है ।

हाँ, वही जिंदगी जो मेरे जख्मों की क़िताब है।

कवियत्री : मैं – ” भावुक”


“Book of wounds”

My life is my story,
Story which you want to hear,
To you it may appear mere few words,
But not to me , indeed.

To me its a “Book of wounds”,
Which I write & read everyday.

Its every page
and every wound written on those pages, I have lived word to word.
I have smiled even if I wanted to cry.

Whenever I go back to those pages of
my scattered memories,
I see ink diffusing.

I see Life crying,
On the corners of rough pages,
She is sitting,
She is hiding, lurking and bowing her head,
She is Carrying pearls in her eyes.

Indeed, Life which is a Book of my wounds.

Poet: me – “Emo”

Expressing “Emo”: 

Dear Reader,

          I have told what I want to tell about the story of my life and I think that its quite easy enough to understand the poem. The only thing I think should be clarifying in order to make you reading experience good is that last line “Carrying pearls in her eyes” is a symbol of having dreams, having hope though of having scars.

          Thanks for making to go through my poetry once or twice if you had. I am really glad that you have read it to the last word and made effort to understand it. I am glad that you found me on this big ocean of WordPress. that is overflowing with amazing talent. I hope you will follow me and come again to my post if it had moved you, brought tears in your eyes and smile on your face. Thanks a lot Readers. 

– Sing & Smile : )

Full_of_Emotions A/K/A “EMO”