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Doodle #2: Scary

Hi World!,
          This is my second doodle attempt. My Doodle #1 was cute, colourful and girly; I thought to make this one totally different than the previous ; so I made this dark and scary.

          For this doodle, first I drew a miniature sketch of a boy with scary look. Then I wrote some quotes like “Do or Die” and “love to be scary”. And at last filled the gaps with skulls and bats. In this doodle I didn’t use any marker/sharpie but only pencil; quotes are written with black ball pen.

          I placed this doodle at the backside of my transparent mobile case just as the previous one Doodle #1.

          To checkout my Doodle #1 click on this link:

          Don’t forget to recreate it guys. Happy doodling. ^_^

– Sing & Smile : )




I'm FullofEmotions aka "Emo". Singer, writer & art lover. I love music, literature and spiritual sciences. Mantra of life : Sing and Smile... : )

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