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Doodle #1 : Love Life

Hi World!,
          This is my first Doodle attempt. I have made this doodle to customize my transparent mobile case, just to give it a cool look. So it can be called DIY phone case customization also. If you are just like me who can be bored by same things everyday, then you should give it a try too.

          To draw this doodle, first I took a plain white paper from my drawing book. I decided to have a quote in the center, so I just randomly wrote “Love Life”. You can see in the above picture that how carelessly I wrote those words. Then I just draw some other random cute little stuff which I like, to decorate and fill the gaps of entire picture, for ex. butterflies, stars, flowers, baloons and etc.; In short, it should look rich with shapes and colours. Try to make it cute and detailed also. Doodle should be done with very neat and clean detailing, and for that always outline drawing with black marker/sharpie.

          Once I was done with drawing I drew a bordering, this enhanced its looks; but this step can be avoid if want. Then I placed doodle drawing facing downwards on my transparent mobile case. I outlined the hole given for camera and then cut it off. I placed my drawing inside the case and fixed the phone over the drawing and tada! wow! I have made a cute doodled Mobile case to show off to everyone.

          Doodle is a freestyle kind of drawing, in which you can do anything and play with shapes and colours; You just have to follow your inner artist to make these kind of stuff and that’s it. You should try it too so for that best of luck to you in advance from me.

– Sing & Smile : )




I'm FullofEmotions aka "Emo". Singer, writer & art lover. I love music, literature and spiritual sciences. Mantra of life : Sing and Smile... : )

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