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“दर्द-ए-दीवानगी”/”Story of My Madness”


दर्द-ए-दीवानगी अब सुनाऊँ किसे
लोग पत्थर फ़ेंकते हैं कहेके दिवाना मुझे

हर मौसम ने आज़माया है जिसे मैं वो दरख़्त हूँ
ढेर हो जाऊँगा की अब और ना आज़माना मुझे

ना मेरा कोई आगाज़ था ना मेरा कोई अंजाम है
अधूरा इक अफ़साना हूँ हो सके तो भूल जाना मुझे

कर लेता हूँ मुस्कुराकर अलविदा मैं उन्हें
दोस्त मिलने पर जो केहदे अनजाना मुझे

Dard-e-deewaanagi ab sunaau kise
log patthar fenkate hai kaheke deewaana mujhe

Har mausam ne aazamaaya hai jise main wo darakht hoon
dher ho jaaunga ke ab aur na aazamaana mujhe

Na mera koi aagaaz tha na mera koi anjaam hai
adhoora ik afasaana hoon ho sake to bhul jaana mujhe

Kar leta hoon muskurakar alvida main unhe
Dost milne par jo kahede anjaana mujhe

कवियत्री : मैं – “भावुक”

Translation :

“Story of My Madness”

To whom shall I share my story of Madness,
First they call me “Mad”
then they throw stones of disgrace on my soul.

every season has tested whom, I am that tree,
do not push my limits, do not test me more,
I will collapse indeed.

What will happen to me is unknown,
What will be the beggining or ending of my story nobody knows,
Thus its better to forget an incomplete fairytale like me.

I give farewell to those friends with a smile,
Once who were my companions and
now who recognizes me as unknown.

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Ode to ‘My FRIEND’


Ode to ‘My FRIEND’

O my dear friend,
Don’t ask who are you to me,
You are not the trouble maker
but trouble it self in a human form.
You are the one,
who bring troubles to me,
And then smash them like it is a fly,
O devil in a human form
Stop showing your non existing greatness to me.

O my buddy the dearest,
Stop pretending being cool,
You are just like me,
No more than a person of old-school.
You are the one who talks nineteen to the dozen,
And I am the one who voiced only words chosen.
Don’t you ever take pride on being angel in my life?
There were times you made devil feel ashamed with your vice.

However I am irritated with you
I can not omit our friendship is true.

O my dear friend,
Don’t ask that who are you to me,
You are not my everything,
but without you I enjoy nothing.
Never ever you dare to feel lonely,
As I am there to share your every agony and ecstasy
If you’ll go away for some time
I might not follow you or even ring a call,
But if you will tell me you’re dying.
I swear I’ll follow you even till the Hell.

Review :

Hi World!,

This is my first time ever I penned an English poem, as I have never imagined to write a one. In my office we had a competition of writing a blog on friendship as ‘Friendship Day’ was around. I wanted to take a part in it so tried to write something in my leisure time. This poem is written in so less time and in so hazard, I didn’t even thought it would turned out so nicely. To have an inspiration for this poem I just remembered few one of my ‘BFFs’ and started writing on until I was not came back from a memory lane. I guess that’s how I was able to do what I had never believed to do and that is to write a poem in English. Later I showed this to my friend who is an editor of the magazine published by office. She liked it and promised me to make it published in the coming edition. Which made me overwhelmed and crazily happy. I hope you all will like it…

– Sing & Smile : )

Full_of_Emotions A/K/A “EMO”

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Review#1 : “Agneepath” / समीक्षा#1 : “अग्निपथ”

कविता : अग्निपथ
कवि : श्री हरिवंश राय बच्चन

वृक्ष हों भले खड़े
हों घने, हों बड़े
एक पत्र छाँह भी
मांग मत! मांग मत! मांग मत!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

तू न थकेगा कभी
तू न थमेगा कभी
तू न मुड़ेगा कभी
कर शपथ! कर शपथ! कर शपथ!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

यह महान दृश्य है
चल रहा मनुष्य है
अश्रु-स्वेद-रक्त से
लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

Translation :-

Poem : Agnipath– You
Poet : Shree Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Trees may have been standing,
May they be dense, may they be big,
even a shade of single leaf,
don’t ask! don’t ask! don’t ask!
(Keep walking on) Agnipath (the path of fire)!, Agnipath!, Agnipath!

You won’t ever tired,
you won’t ever stop,
you won’t ever turn back,
take this oath! take this oath! take this oath!
(Keep walking on) Agnipath (the path of fire)!, Agnipath!, Agnipath!

This view is great,
the man is walking,
in teardrop, sweat, and blood,
soaked! soaked! soaked!
(Keep walking on) Agnipath (the path of fire)!, Agnipath!, Agnipath!


The poem’s pivot subject is that it renames Life as Agneepath. Poet is referring Life as Agneepath = the path of fire and suggests whatever it takes we shouldn’t stop walking on this path of fire.

Stanza#1:-  on the journey of Life (when walking on this path of fire), you’ll find comforts/comfortable places or situations (big,dense trees or woods) ; though you should’ve not ask for a single moment of comfort or rest ( a shade of leaf). You should’ve not seek comfort as they will not make you enable to live a great life laying before you. Thus, Keep living (keep walking on this path of fire).

Stanza#2:- on the journey on Life when Life no longer looks happy and exciting and you feel tired, you feel disheartened and want to stop or want to turn back. yet facing all this odds you should’ve take oath to keep walking and not to leave the path. Thus, Keep living (keep walking on this path of fire).

Stanza#3:- the man is great who chooses to keep living (keep walking on the path of fire), and that view will be great too when he will be soaked in tears, sweat and blood. It shows his courage to pass through all the tough situations, even though they give him tears, blood and sweat; he chooses to keep walking. The greatness that man seeks to attain lies on this path of fire. Whatever man have been through he must choose to live/choose the path. Thus, Keep living (keep walking on this path of fire).

Choose Life, choose to live because it is the place you’ll not get to visit again. This poem became one of my favourite poem from the time I heard it first. The most important thing about this poem is that it doesn’t stop to inspire. Whenever want inspiration, I go to the books, poems and music and nature. Ah! And I find something that makes me to choose keep living, keep walking.

Hope you all would like it…

– Sing & Smile : )

Full_of_Emotions A/K/A “EMO”

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Cover #6: Leja Leja Re by Full_of_Emotions

Song: Leja Leja Re Mehki Raat Me
Album: Ustad And The Divas 
Singers: Ustad Sultan Khan, Shreya Ghoshal
Music: Sandesh Shandilya
Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Leja leja re… haay haay leja
 Nee muiye, nee muiye, nee muiye…

 (Leja leja re mehakee raat me churaake saare rang leja
 Raatee raatee mai bhigu saath me, tu aisee mulaakaat deja) – (2)

 Nee muiye maila mann meraa, kya karna aisa rang gora
 Jo piya naa rijhaaye

 Nee muiye mann maila, mann maila kya karna hai aisa
 Naa bhaaye piya ko, tann gora kya karna hai aisa

 Leja leja churaake saare rang leja
 Raatee raatee mai bhigu saath me, tu aisee mulaakaat leja

 Leja leja, leja leja re, leja leja ha re….

 Chaahu paas paas aana, koyee dhundh ke bahaana
 Tumhe apana aana
 Chaahe ruthe yeh jamaana, chaahe maare jag taana
 Tumako hai paana

 Nee muiye saaree raato kee, kahaanee koyee toh hogee
 Jo jaage taare raato ko, ya jaage jogee

 Hoo.. nee muiye.. haay..
 Nee muiye hotee hai, kucch baate hotee hai raato me
 Jo jaage hai jogee ya taare jage hai raato me

 Leja leja re mehakee raat me churaake saare rang leja
 Raatee raatee mai bhigu……
 Nee muiye, nee muiye, leja leja re
 Bhigu re.. haai
 Nee muiye, nee muiye, nee muiye
 Leja leja aa re

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“क़िताब-ए-ज़ख्म”/”Book of Wounds”


मेरी जिंदगी, मेरी कहानी,
कहानी जो आप सुनना चाहते हैं,
आपके लिए शायद ये चंद लफ़्ज हो सकते हैं,
मगर मेरे लिए नहीं।

मेरे लिए तो ये ज़ख्मों की वो किताब है
जिसे मैं हर रोज लिखती हूँ,
हर रोज पढ़ती हूँ।

जिसका हर पन्ना
और हर पन्ने पे लिखा ज़ख्म
मैंने लफ़्ज-ब-लफ़्ज जिया है।
रोना चाहा फिर भी मुस्कुराया है।

जब भी पलटती हूँ मैं
उन बिखरी यादों के पन्नो  को,
नज़र आती है सिर्फ फैली हुई सियाही।

नज़र आती है रोती हुई जिंदगी,
खुरदुरे पन्नो के कोनो में
जो छुपके दुबकके सिर झुकाये बैठी है
आँख में मोती पिरोये बैठी है ।

हाँ, वही जिंदगी जो मेरे जख्मों की क़िताब है।

कवियत्री : मैं – ” भावुक”


“Book of wounds”

My life is my story,
Story which you want to hear,
To you it may appear mere few words,
But not to me , indeed.

To me its a “Book of wounds”,
Which I write & read everyday.

Its every page
and every wound written on those pages, I have lived word to word.
I have smiled even if I wanted to cry.

Whenever I go back to those pages of
my scattered memories,
I see ink diffusing.

I see Life crying,
On the corners of rough pages,
She is sitting,
She is hiding, lurking and bowing her head,
She is Carrying pearls in her eyes.

Indeed, Life which is a Book of my wounds.

Poet: me – “Emo”

Expressing “Emo”: 

Dear Reader,

          I have told what I want to tell about the story of my life and I think that its quite easy enough to understand the poem. The only thing I think should be clarifying in order to make you reading experience good is that last line “Carrying pearls in her eyes” is a symbol of having dreams, having hope though of having scars.

          Thanks for making to go through my poetry once or twice if you had. I am really glad that you have read it to the last word and made effort to understand it. I am glad that you found me on this big ocean of WordPress. that is overflowing with amazing talent. I hope you will follow me and come again to my post if it had moved you, brought tears in your eyes and smile on your face. Thanks a lot Readers. 

– Sing & Smile : )

Full_of_Emotions A/K/A “EMO”

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DIY : Add bling to your plain bag

Hi World!,
        Does plain look boring to you? Then why don’t add some bling to it.💎  Recently I decorated a sling bag which was plain and boring,😣 so wanted to post a blog on how I did it. Its beige in colour and came with a adjustable strap which has lobster claw clasps; so it can be easily attached and removed. Without strap it can be used as pouch and with strap it can be used as sling bag. 
          It was looking nice even though it was plain, but I thought I should decorate it. To decorate my sling bag I used sticky rhinestones, one butterfly embellishment and craft glue.👇

  1. Take any plain bag of your choice, here I’m using a plain beige coloured sling bag. 
  2. Take sticky rhinestones and create a design of your choice and apply it with a craft glue or if you use any other adhesive, choose it according to the material of your bag. Here I have created alphabet “B” using  white coloured rhinestones.
  3. Take a butterfly embellishment and apply it next to the alphabet with craft glue. 

              This DIY is so simple yet it looks beautiful. With sticky rhinestones, colourful beeds and some glue plenty of designs can be created. 

    – Sing & Smile : )


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    “એક અજાણી કબૂલાત”/”An unknown confession”

    “એક અજાણી કબૂલાત”

    મેં લૂછયા નથી એનાં આંસુ,
    એમ ના કહેશો !
    એનાં દરેક આંસુને મેં હૃદય પર ઝીલ્યા છે.

    હાં, મેં નથી લખ્યાં એને પ્રેમરસમાં તરબોળ સુગંધિત પ્રેમપત્રો, કબૂલ !
    શબ્દ જ નહિ હૃદયનાં ધબકાર પણ મેં એને કાને કહ્યા છે.

    ના, નથી દેખાડ્યા મેં એને કદી કોઈ અજાયબઘર, બાગ-બગીચા,
    અને નથી વિદ્વાન પણ કે કરું જ્ઞાન-વિજ્ઞાનની ચર્ચા,
    ના તો આપી શક્યો હું એને હીરા-માણેક સમ કંઈ અમૂલ્ય ભેટ-સોગાદ,
    તેમ છતાં એકમેકના સાથમાં અમે ખોવાયેલા રહ્યાં છે.

    મેં જોયાં નથી એનાં દર્દો,
    એમ તો શીદ કહું !,
    જોઈ દુઃખની વાદળી એને માથે ,
    મેં ચહેરે સ્મિત ચિતર્યા છે.

    કવિયત્રી : હું – “ભાવુક”


    “An unknown confession”

    I have not wiped away her tears, Don’t say that.
    I have held every drop of her tears on my heart by providing her my shoulder to cry.

    Yes, I have not written her blossoming love letters filled with love and affection, agreed!
    Not even my words, but every beat of my heart, I have uttered in her ears.

    I have not showed her any amusement parks nor museums,
    I’m not even a scholar who can debate on science or philosophy,
    I was not able to gift her diamonds, jewels or anything precious like that,
    Though without any of these we were always been lost in each other.

    I have not seen her sufferings,
    How can I say that by my self,
    Beholding her in pain,
    I have drawn smile on face.

    Poet: me – “Emo”

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    Krazy4cutestuff# 1: Colourful Tops Earrings 

    Hi World!,

    Today I’m gonna talk about my love for “Cute stuff”.😍 I have been wearing Gold earrings all of my childhood, and never tried any thing cool and fashionable. So when I grown up I started picking up all things which are colourful and cute, so I can satisfy child whithin me. Hahaha…😂
    All of these earrings (tops) I have bought recently, and I love there colors and shapes.I’m gonna wear them everyday. If you can notice that all of them are in Four different shapes: Flower, Heart, Round and Star. So cute and colourful are all of them!!! That’s why I can say that I’m #krazy4cutestuff.😍

    – Sing & Smile : )


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    Cover #5: Sau Tarah Ke by Full_of_Emotions

    Song: Sau Tarah Ke
    Movie: Dishoom (2016)
    Music: Pritam
    Lyrics: Kumar, Ashish Pandit
    Singers: Jonita Gandhi, Amit Mishra

    Kal subah sochenge jo aaj raat kiya
    Kal subah gin lenge sari galtiyan
    Tu mera abhi ho jaa na ajnabi
    Phir hum milenge na kabhi

    Kal subah chale jayenge hai ghar jahaan
    Kal subah bole jo bhi bolega jahan
    Tu mera abhi ho jaa na ajnabi
    Phir hum milenge na kabhi

    Sau tarah ke rog le loon
    Ishq ka marz kya hai
    Sau tarah ke rog le loon
    Ishq ka marz kya hai

    Tu kahe to jaan de doon
    Kehne mein harz kya hain
    Sau tarah ke rog le loon
    Ishq ka marz kya hai

    Bahon ko bahon mein de de tu jagah
    Tujhse toh do pal ka matlab hai mera

    Tere jaise hi mera bhi
    Dil khudgarz sa hai (x2)

    Tu kahe to jaan de doon
    Kehne mein harz kya hain

    Sau tarah ke rog le loon
    Ishq ka marz kya hai
    Sau tarah ke rog le loon
    Ishq ka marz kya hai

    Kal subah tak jhoota wala pyar karein
    Kal subah tak jhoote waade char karein
    Tu mera abhi ho jaa na ajnabi
    Phir hum milenge na kabhi

    Ra takhafi, Rahma kaalu, Ankalvi hawaki(x2)

    Tu kahe to jaan de doon
    Kehne mein harz kya hai

    Sau tarah ke rog le loon
    Ishq ka marz kya hai

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    Cover #4: Manngamtu Cover by Full_of_Emotions

    Song: Manngamtu
    Movie: Daav thai gayo yaar (Gujarati)
    Music: Parth Thakkar
    Singer: Aishwarya Majmudar, Armaan Malik
    Lyrics: Aishwarya Majmudar

    Aankho ma aavyu e sapnu rubaru
    Rangaayu man maaru jaane hubahu

    Maara man na paana par lakhti jaau choon
    Khud ne hoon bas taari karti jaau choon

    Mangamtu koi che
    Manmanyu koi che (2)


    Laagani sneh ni malkaati have
    Chaandani smit ma chalkaati have


    Prit nu geet tu gaaya hoon karoon
    Rooh nu noor tu kaaya hoon banoon

    Mangamtu koi che
    Manmanyu koi che (2)

    Reti na dariya ma pagala hoon karoon
    Mrugjal na aakaare aavi hoon maaloon


    Nas nas ma dhasmastu umtyu aaje poor
    Tuj ma hoon muj ma tu thai jaie chakchoor

    Mangamtu koi che (2)